GAC 2500

Accurate Grain Moisture Analysis

GAC 2500

The DICKEY-john Grain Analysis Computer Model 2500 is the next generation of moisture testers from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analysis. The GAC 2500 uses the newest moisture analysis technology (1.49 MHz) to provide NTEP certified results. Reducing the number of grain calibrations required to provide precise moisture results is a key benefit of the technology. The GAC 2500 will also accommodate customised special calibrations developedfor specialty crops such as almonds, coffee and feed pellets. The GAC 2500 reduces your analysis time at grain testing by using a quick easy-to-use colour touch-screen operator interface and providing data storage.


GAC 2500

  • Super fast analysis of grain moisture, test weight and temperature
  • Optional Pass-Through drawer minimises run time in grain operations
  • Transferability of existing GAC 2100 calibrations
  • Utilises the newest analysis technology of 149 MHz algorithm
  • Simple bias adjustments for non NTEP calibrations
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

Colour Touch Screen

GAC 2500

The GAC 2500 Grain Analysis Computer incorporates an easy to use state of the artcolour touch screen combined with multiple USB connectivity and large results storage capacity of 30,000 tests.


Simple Menu Guide

GAC 2500

Simple menu to guide the operator through:

  • testing
  • setup
  • results
  • diagnostics

All protected by multi level operator password restrictions.

Easy to Read Results


GAC 2500

The results are displayed in easy to read format including:

  • Product being tested
  • Sample name
  • Moisture content %
  • Test weight kg/hl
  • Grain temperature

Additional Features

  • Accurate moisture analysis in seconds
  • Transferability of GAC 2100 calibrations
  • Large sample size used in testing
  • Optional pass-through sample analysis
  • GAC 2500 is a NTEP certified product
  • DICKEY-john is an ISO 9000-2000 certified facility


  • Power Requirements : 120/220 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Dimensions : Height 43cm x Depth 36cm x Width 48cm
  • Operating Temp : 2 to 45 deg C Grain Temperature : 0 - 45 deg C
  • Weight : 11 kg