Grain Vax

Grain Vacuum Sampling System

Grain VAX - Vacuum Sampling System

The Grain VAX is ideal for sampling a large range of grains includingWheat and Barley through to large Grains like Corn and Lupin. This type of Vacuum Sampling System, has been recommended by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute in their specifications "Protein Measuring Instruments for Grain". Research carried out in Australia indicates that this type of vacuum sampling has better repeatability than manual sampling techniques. The Grain VAX consists of a vacuum motor, fan and filter mounted on top of a Perspex plastic sample chamber with flap door. The sample probe is made of stainless steel tubing 32mm ID, 2 meters in length and connected to 6 meters of flexible plastic vacuum hose.


Grain VAX - Vacuum Sampling System Internal Filter

  • Even penetration giving a representative core sample for each load
  • Sample delivery into a Perspex chamber located at the grain testing point
  • Grain recovery into a bucket for further mixing, sub-sampling and analysis
  • Quantitative recovery of live insects and foreign matter
  • Designed to sample a wide range of grain products
  • Australian Designed and Made

Removable Air Filter

The Grain Vax is fitted with an easy to clean removable internal air filter:


  • Power Requirements : 240V, 50Hz, 1200 Watts
  • Dimensions : Height 72cm x Depth 34cm x Width 37cm
  • Sample Path : Probe 2m, Hose to Wall Inlet 6m, Wall to Bowl 3m