mini GAC Plus

Handheld Grain Moisture Analysis

Mini GAC Plus - Grain Moisture Analyser

The DICKEY-john mini GAC plus is a portable tester delivering automatic grain moisture and test weight from the world-wide leader in grain moisture analysis. The GAC series of moisture testers use capacitance, conductance, grain weight and temperature to provide fast and accurate test results. The mini GAC plus is supplied pre-calibrated for 20 grains.

Analyse Grain in 4 Easy Steps

Analyse grain for moisture and test weight in 4 easy steps.


  • Portable analysis of grain moisture, test weight and temperature
  • Storage for up to 20 customer specified calibrations
  • Specially designed filling cup to deliver grain to the tester
  • Simple menu driven operating system with USB calibration loading
  • Menu driven operating system
  • Calibrations for 450 grains and products
  • Large sample size used in testing
  • Automatic internal weighing system
  • Temperature compensation
  • DICKEY-john is an ISO 9000-2000 certified facility
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty
  • Made in USA

The Complete Package

Mini GAC Plus - Grain Moisture Analyser

The mini GAC Plus package includes:

  • mini GAC Plus
  • Loader
  • 9v Battery
  • Carrying Case
  • Belt Clip
  • Instruction Manual


  • Power Requirements : 9 VDC battery (installed))
  • Dimensions : Height 30cm x Depth 21cm x Width 12cm
  • Operating Temperature : 5 - 45 deg C
  • Weight : 1.1kg (tester) Including case : 2.3kg
  • Measurement method : Capacitance, conductance, weight, temperature
  • Moisture measuring range : 5 - 45% (depending on grain type)