FN 2000 Grain Tester

Grain Falling Number Tester

GAC 2500

The Falling Number 2000 tester is a dual tube systemthat enables the user to perform double the number of samples per cycle. The separate microprocessor controller has a built-in printer and is easily used by a non-technical operator. The falling number test is a fast method to determine sprout damage in grains and flour, by measuring the alpha-amylase activity. The result is displayed and printed in seconds requiring no further calculation or calibration.

GAC 2500

Microprocessor Controller and Printer

The GAC 2500 Grain Analysis Computer incorporates an easy to use state of the artcolour touch screen combined with multiple USB connectivity and large results storage capacity of 30,000 tests.


  • Simultaneous dual testing
  • Separate Microprocessor Control Unit with bulit-in printer
  • Easy opretation by non-technical staff
  • No chemicals required
  • Direct display of final result
  • Assembled in Australia
  • Falling Number test is an international standard for measuring sprout damage
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty

GAC 2500

Easy Operation

Simple for operator to use:

  • Easy Loading
  • Safety Cover


GAC 2500

Quality Accessories

Complete with Quality Accessories:



  • Power Requirements : 120/220 VAC (50-60Hz)
  • Testing Unit : Height 52cm x Depth 43cm x Width 16cm
  • Weight : 18kg
  • Controller : Height 10cm x Depth 29cm x Width 13cm
  • Weight : 1kg